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Rickey "KCG" Williams has been rapping since before the Chicago underground Hip Hop scene has been relevant. Growing up in the "Wild 100s" of Chicago's deep Southside, he has proven to be a viable part in development of Chicago's music history. Artist promoter blogger writer radio personality and podcast host he is an entertainment business professional.

Outside of his rapping, he has proven to be a savvy, yet at sometime unrelenting businessman. One of the pioneers of internet marketing and promotion, he has taken not only artists, but the brand itself within the artist, and has made either a national or international presence for artists of all music backgrounds.

Outside of his internet expertise, he is also a witty artist with an arsenal of decorative punchlines and lyrical content to match. Which he displays  with his singles I Hustle To Eat and his latest Release Pimp Coupe. 

He is also the originator of the #RealChicagoLove tweets which is a branch off of his #SupportforSupport organization (S4S is a underground network and DASUPPORTREPORT webcast and podcast support alliance that allows artist to reach out to other artists or media vendors to promote their ideas, bodies of musical works, show bookings, and other tools necessary for the independent artist to network properly).

From magazine promotions, to up and coming clothing lines and even labels.  KCG definitely has his hands all over Chicago and the World.